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ON HOLIDAY IN NEW ORLEANS, MY SISTER IS IN THE NEXT ROOM, I PRETEND TO GO TO THE TOILET. BUT REALLY WHAT I WANTED WAS TO CUM. THE ONLY THING I COULD USE WAS A HUGE HAIRSPRAY CAN I QUIETLY FUCK MYSELF HOPING THAT MY SISTER WONT HEAR. Dr. Larkin Love returns to find Vera absolutely radiant. Your treatment has been going marvelously! Your daily cum eating and chastity regimen has rendered you docile and very much at peace with your true, beta-male nature. Her methods may be progressive, but they work!Dr. Love is so thrilled with your progress, as a matter of fact, that she thinks it is time for you to move on to phase two. She recommends Vera order you a Clone-a-Willy kit for your undersized member, with instructions to help you use the apparatus. Her proposition? Reframe your sexuality from being penile-oriented to being anal-oriented. 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